International Oil & Gas Consultants provides an all incorporating consulting and equipment supply service for the upstream oil and gas industry. With a strong focus on turbo machinery and heat transfer products, we aim to provide solutions for hydrocarbon processing applications and assist with any other industry related inquiries.


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Aftermarket Services

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Product Support

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Please contact us if your company needs fall into any of the following areas:

  • Gas Processing - including Cryogenic Processing, BAHX & S&T Heat Exchangers, Process Licensing

  • Gas Conditioning - including Dehydration, Acid Gas Removal & Sweetening for Hg, H2S, C02

  • Specialty Heavy Wall Vessels, Reactors, Boilers or Flares

  • LNG - including Small & Mid-scale Plants as well as Storage, High Pressure Pumps, Vaporisers, Regasification & Transportation

  • Compression - including Fuel Gas Conditioning & Boosting

  • Power Recovery from Waste Heat, Geothermal Resources or Pressure letdown

  • Importing LNG, LPG, EP mix, Ethane or other Purity Products from the US Market

  • Shale Gas, CBM and Gas Processing Technology from the USA

  • Turbo-machinery used in Natural Gas, Petrochemical, LNG & related Processing Packages

Our consulting team is available to support your needs in the following areas:


  • FEED & Pre-FEED Studies

  • Developing Budget Estimates for Specialty Turbo-machinery & Heat Transfer Equipment

  • Suppliers looking to enter or strengthen their position in the ASEAN market

  • Securing & Bunkering Cargoes & Long-Term Supplies of Hydrocarbons such as LNG, LPG, EP-Mix & Purity Products from North American Suppliers

  • Joining the GPA & GPSA to gain access to hale gas and related technologies

  • Acquisitions & Mergers

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