Consulting Services, Product Support & Equipment Supply for the Oil & Gas Industry. 

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Consulting Services & Equipment Supply for the Oil & Gas industry. 

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The future begins today; let our team ensure your role in it. We provide a link between suppliers and clients to bridge any potential gaps.

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Aftermarket Services

We understand the full process, so we'll help you with the provision of parts, repairs and maintenance for any type of existing project.

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Product Support

Coordinating service and repairs with suppliers in addition to the initial local on site inspections and troubleshooting.


International Oil & Gas Consultants was founded in 2014. The company was consciously based in Singapore as it provided a strategic location for the upstream oil and gas industry by servicing the region from an economically renowned environment.

With a strong knowledge base stretching across the region, IOGC has over the years represented a number of major manufacturers which supply the industry with credible and industry leading solutions. Having been involved in numerous major projects across Asia Pacific and beyond, we strive for continuity by providing the highest level of representation and consulting services.


Partnered with some of the best suppliers in the industry



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